Nearly 60 % of our body is made of water. It has physical and chemical properties which are beneficial to our organism and it is, also, an ideal means of transport for substances. This latter feature makes it, therefore, indispensable in the processes of digestion, absorption, nutrient distribution, transport and disposal of toxic elements. An average intake of two liters a day is recommended.
Mawün Water, being rain water and having a low content of minerals and sodium, is highly recommended. Why? When using water in its physiological processes, our body only utilizes the H2O and has to dispose of the inorganic minerals. Simply said, whenever we drink water with calcium, magnesium or others, these must be eliminated since they are not absorbable. This mineral load of the water is liable to mix with cholesterol and other organic substances, thus contributing in the formation of a thick plaque in the arteries. In certain cases, if you happen to live, for example, in a place where water contains much calcium and you suffer from kidney stones, you probably shouldn’t drink tab water but a type of water that is low in minerals or, simply, distilled.
Mawün rain water does not contribute with non- absorbable minerals; it has no influence, whatsoever, on the organic molecules of our cell structure and so, it aids in the cleansing of inorganic minerals that can not be assimilated by our cells. The kidneys are organs that only clean what is useless and harmful, like lime, sodium and other substances the water may hold. According to the “hygienism” current, 80% of patients waiting for a renal transplantation are linked to the intake of water with external pollutants.
When our body is in need of water, it makes no difference where it gets it from. Let’s remember that the solution does not lie in drinking many liters of water but in embracing a balanced, sufficiently hydrated diet. Our organism needs water, but chemically pure. In this sense, only water that is closer to being 100% pure hydrogen and oxygen gives you greater benefits as a solvent that engages in all physiological functions of our body.

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